BREVA International L.C.


BREVA International L.C. assists economic developers, public officials and private developers in marketing their communities online to targeted business and industry audiences for sustained economic growth.  BREVA Internationalís management team has firsthand experience working within award-winning local, regional and state economic development offices. We understand what it means to a community, a region, and a state to create an identity that has value.  We understand what it takes to build a marketing campaign and to do so on a budget. We also understand that marketing programs are judged on how well they generate new leads, whether those leads are qualified, and what percentage of those leads ultimately result in location decisions that create new jobs and capital investment.

Through a strategic alliance with eStreetSmart, LLC, BREVA assists local and regional agencies to improve their online presence through web site design, development, redesign, and search engine optimization to effectively reach companies worldwide. 

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